BIOPLANT is a subsidiary of ANIMA DOOEL Skopje, which was established in 2001. BIOPLANT has the only goji berry garden centre in North Macedonia for production of certified seedling material controlled by experts of the Faculty for Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje. The seedling material is offered to farmers (BIOPLANT’s suppliers) who would like to start growing goji berries trees. Therefore, all goji berries used in the BIOPLANT juices come from BIOPLANT’s own network of North Macedonian organic farmers.

Bioplant cold pressed juices are made by the best 100% organic goji berries, apples, raspberries and/or sour cherries from North Macedonia. They do not contain water, sugar, preservatives, emulsions, artificial colours or taste enhancers. Juices have the same intensive taste and smell as the fruit they have been made of.


More about the BIOPLANT products E:

Organic Goji & Apple Juice

BIOPLANT goji and apple juice is produced only from certified organic apples and goji berries grown by BIOPLANT co-operators in North Macedonia.

BIOPLANT’s final product is cloudy organic goji and apple juice. It is a mix which has not been produced in Europe so far, and BIOPLANT is particularly proud that they do not import goji berries, but they only use North Macedonian once for their organic juices.

Goji berries, small but powerful crops contain 18 amino acids (and out of them, eight are essential, i.e. irreplaceable because cannot be synthetized in human body), 21 minerals (among which are anti-cancerous germanium, followed by calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, natrium, zinc, selenium, iodine etc.), 29 types of essential fatty acids, 6 basic vitamins (C, B1, B2, B3, E и А), a lot of proteins, polysaharides and beatine. Goji is the richest source of beta-carotene compared to all the other known sources. According to the US Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale (ORAC scale), goji is a superior first and has the ability to destroy free radicals which have adverse effect on the health, cause chronic diseases and speed-up the aging process.

Due to the wealth of nutrients, goji has really broad range of action: strengthens immune system, slows down aging process, provides strength and energy, prevents leukaemia and other cancers, prevents hearth and blood vessels diseases, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improves fertility in women, improves sperm quality, improves sight, improves blood circulation in the organism, prevents the occurrence of diabetes, improves skin flexibility and humidity, it is used as an aphrodisiac.

Combination of goji and apple, embodied into a juice with unmatched taste, is a true treasury of ingredients that have positive influence on our organism.

There is no water added, sugar or preservatives in the juice. Juice expiration date is one year and does not spoil because it is produced by a short pasteurization process, which creates “natural vacuum” when closing the bottles which prevents air to reach the juice.