A Seldon.Basis platform of all Russian companies is a great source of comprehensive information on every single Russian company collected from government sources. It represents the richest and most valuable and regularly updated resource of Russian companies currently available on the market. The platform contains information on goods and services that are offered by Russian companies, their registration details, contact information and their managers, patents and trademarks, financial performance, arbitration cases, government contracts, foreign trade activities, relations between companies and their affiliations presented visually by the connection tree.

Among 8 millions of active companies and sole entrepreneurs of Russia there are:

  • 70,000 active importers and 35,000 exporters (official data collected for 2015-2017)
  • more than 8,000 companies with profits exceeding 2 billion RUB/year
  • around 6 million SMEs (2+ million of which are located in the European part of Russia)

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